0.0.10, The Heavy Update, is an upcoming update, and will be the eleventh release of Tyrem's Blood, with no release date set yet.


- Borders on the normal world's edge (almost entire edge, except 3 levels: South Fortress, QUIT OR DIE, and Final Boss Room. The first uses a grey border instead, the second a yellow one, and the last none).


- Level 53's title changed from "Seriously get off" to "Seriously get out"


- Fixed 0.0.9 bug where the player must go ~50 pixels away from the edge to get to the neighbor region


- This will be the eleventh version of Tyrem's Blood and the second version of the CHEAT TESTS stage.
- For today (March 5, 2016), 1 day has elapsed since the release of 0.0.9.

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