0.0.8, The Graphics Update, is the ninth release of Tyrem's Blood, released on February 2, 2016.


- 23 new skins in the random world, for a total of 30 random skins
- (bug) The skin/region 30 has a 25.64% chance of spawning when entering a random world's region, compared to other regions' 2.56% (ten times bigger chance of spawning).


- No longer using the default program icon, a Bongfong icon is used instead
- Totally redesigned Tyrem's look


- Obstacle-related bugs from 0.0.7 fixed


- This is the ninth version of Tyrem's Blood and the ninth and last version of the early development stage.
- This is the version with the longest period of time elapsed between the previous update (2 days) during the entire early development stage.

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