0.0.9, The Relevelling Update, is the current newest version, and is the tenth release of Tyrem's Blood, released on March 4, 2016.


- Linux version now available
- OS X version now available
- Dialogbox asking you what is your OS appears everytime at game's start. It contains a "don't show me again" option which sets the then-selected button to default and stops popping up everytime you start the game.


- Full level system for the normal world with 72 unique levels, of which 36 implemented for now.
- Window size increased from 500x500 to 700x700 pixels.


- Obstacles (labels), to be re-added


- Fixed the 0.0.8 bug where region 30 had a ten times bigger chance of spawning than other regions in random world
- Fixed 0.0.6 exploit where random world could be used to teleport you to other regions of the normal world using weird directions
- Fixed spawn image no longer shows debug screen (hotfix from snapshot)


- This is the tenth version of Tyrem's Blood and the first version of the CHEAT TESTS stage.
- This is the version with the longest period of time elapsed between the previous update (31 days) during the entire Tyrem's Blood history.

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